The GCSE maths equivalency test is a qualification that can be used for higher education. MME is a great establishment to help prepare you for the exam and book the exams. They also provide GCSE equivalency tests for all the core subjects such as maths, English and science. Manchester Tutor Company will help you during the one to one sessions, with any quarrels you have prior to the exam.

The equivalency test is recognised by universities therefore people who require a GCSE equivalent qualification because they didn’t successfully gain a GCSE qualification for courses such as teacher training or nursing, often take this test. One of the main advantages for the maths equivalency test is the flexibility and content when you compare the test to GCSE tests. The UK government are the people who set the curriculum every year and the equivalency test should reflect that curriculum. All of the exam providers are given the specification so you can require a copy.

Exam Booking

MME is a professional establishment that you can book the maths GCSE equivalency test with by calling them. However, you can book the exam online if you wish to.

Maths Equivalency Test Practice Papers

The maths equivalency test practice papers are mock papers that help you understand the exam questions since they have exam style questions for the mock papers. The mock papers should help you understand the wording of the questions and what they require as an answer. These papers are delivered by Royal Mail to your house. You will receive the mock papers and the mark scheme but we recommend you take the exam before looking at the mark scheme.