Here at Manchester Tutor Company we are providing our learners with the opportunity to further their education and take their GCSE Equivalency test. Whether you want to get onto a teaching, nursing or midwifery course we can offer you the chance with our courses ranging from Maths, English, Science and Biology equivalencies.

Our tutors are Manchester Tutor Company specialise in GCSE equivalency testing and can provide you with the best help and support throughout your course. The equivalency course closely follows the current UK GCSE curriculum but has a few tweaks which makes it more accessible for our learners. We are working closely with A Star Equivalency to bring you the equivalency course as well as a wide range of revision materials to go alongside it. Depending on which course you decide to take you can get a variety of different revision materials such as flashcards, revision books, an online revision platform, mock papers and past papers with mark schemes.

As well as offering tutoring, our tutors can offer help and support with revision tips, timetabling and the best ways to prepare for exam day. Due to the way these courses are set out, you can take them any time of the year, whenever is best suited to you. They are taken in the comfort of your own home under strict exam conditions so they are accessible to everyone. If the GCSE Equivalency courses are of interest to you, get in contact with us at Manchester Tutor Company.