Manchester tutor company provides 1 to 1 tuition based around Manchester and surrounding areas. We have highly qualified experienced tutors who monitor their learners’ progression to identify areas of improvement, ensuring the learner is prepared for their exam day. 


 QTLS Introduction

(Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills) is a professional status for qualified teachers recognised across all parts of the education and training sector.  You  gain this by completing a professional formation. Completing QTLS shows you have shown effective skills and knowledge in a teaching role. Achieving QTLS demonstrates excellent commitment to your teaching role. 


Is QTLS the same as QTS

In law QTLS and QTS are almost identical because of their similarities. They both allow you to progress into various different fields as they have a very similar skill set.


Can you teach in schools with QTLS?

(Society for Education and Training) SET is the only membership organization that can confirm QTLS status, once you’ve gained QTLS status you can teach in any school that accepts QTLS statu,  for example the UK, USA, Australia and many more countries accept QTLS and QTS status.