GCSE English tuition in Manchester 

Like GCSE Maths, GCSE English Literature and Language will be graded from 1-9 from 2017 onwards. This means there is an additional grade above the current A*, with level 4-5 being the current grade C and being considered a pass.

If you are thinking about GCSE English tuition whether it is for the first time or it is a GCSE re-sit, then Manchester Tutor Company can help as we have Manchester GCSE English tutors for both English Language and Literature.

A Level English tuition in Manchester

Manchester Tutor company has excellent A level English Language and Literature tutors who all have the qualifications and experience to help our pupils succeed. If you are thinking about A level English tuition and would like to enquire about booking an English tutor then contact Manchester Tutor company today for more information about our A level English tutors in Manchester.

KS1 English Tutors in Manchester

KS1 English can be a daunting subject for young children. This is where they are first introduced to reading and writing and it is where they learn the basic skills that will set them up for life. At this age children learn new skills exceptionally quickly due to the plasticity of their young minds. Having a KS1 English tutor to help your child to learn the basics of English and progress in this area can really accelerate their learning and help them to move on to more advanced aspects of KS1 English very quickly. If you are thinking about hiring a KS1 English tutor in Manchester then contact Manchester Tutor Company and one of our friendly team will be happy to help.

KS2 English Tutors in Manchester

Key Stage Two English is where children start to develop their own writing styles and explore more challenging texts. Ensuring that the basic punctuation, grammar and spelling skills are up to speed is one of the first things our KS2 English tutors would do. Once they are happy that your child is comfortable with the basics they will then look to stretch their abilities with the introduction of more difficult writing tasks that will also tap into their expanding imaginations. If you are considering KS2 English tuition in Manchester and you require an expert tutor then get in touch. At Manchester Tutor Company we have KS2 Maths tutors who help students n year 4 with basic spelling, speaking and listening tasks and we also have Maths tutors who specialise in the KS2 English SATs exams. Whatever the reason for searching for a KS2 English tutor in Manchester, Manchester Tutor Company can help.

KS3 English Tutors in Manchester

KS3 English tuition can be a really effective tool to help boost a child’s confidence but also to help them progress within the subject. Our KS3 English tutors in Manchester work with students all abilities, from those who are enthusiastic with English to those who really struggle and dislike their lessons in school. We also have specialist English tutors who have a wealth of experience working with dyslexic students who often get misunderstood as being weak at English when actually their understanding of the subject may be exceptional. All of our KS3 English tutors in Manchester look to get the best from each of our pupils. Every lesson is individualised and tailored to the needs of the student. Are English tutors look to cover the curriculum but also help students to enjoy English and engage with the subject on a daily basis. Each lesson usually lasts an hour and a relevant piece of homework will be set to accelerate progress. If you are thinking about KS3 English tuition in Manchester, think Manchester Tutor Company.

GCSE and A Level English Resources | KS2 SATs Revision Materials

Maths and Science Revision Resources

Whether you are looking for AQA GCSE English Language past papers, or you want to find KS2 English SATs papers, Maths Made Easy can help. As part of the English tuition Manchester Tutor Company provide, you can get access to all of the best English resources available. Contact Manchester Tutor Company today to book your expert English tutor.