GCSE Maths tuition in Manchester 

With the introduction of the new course with first exams in 2017, GCSE Maths has seen significant changes in the exam structure, grading system as well as content. This has increased the spectrum of possible grades with an increased difficulty in the GCSE Maths material. Topics previously seen on A Level Maths papers is now going to be on the GCSE Maths papers. Additionally students will no longer have access to a Maths formula sheet in the exam and therefore will be required to learn an approximately 20 more equations. Our GCSE Maths tutors have studied the changes in depth and are confident that all of our Manchester students will do really well in the 2017 GCSE Maths exams.

A Level Maths tuition in Manchester

A level Maths has become the most popular A level subject with over 10% of A level students selecting it each year. This is because universities are putting more focus on academic A level subjects as competition for places in the top universities is rife.

Our A level Maths tutors in Manchester are focused on helping each and every student achieve the grade their ability and hard work deserves. Whether that is a C or an A*, it doesn’t matter as our A level Maths tutors are committed to each and every pupil achieving their potential.

KS1 Maths Tutors in Manchester

Key Stage One Maths is where is children first learn to count and start to explore Mathematics. Getting the absolute basics right early on makes the learning process much easier and helps young children to enjoy Maths rather than fear it like so many adults do. Our KS1 Maths tutors in Manchester are patient and are happy to help children of all abilities to learn and understand basic Maths.

KS2 Maths Tutors in Manchester

If you are thinking about KS2 Maths tuition and you are looking for Key Stage Two Maths tutors in Manchester then Manchester Tutor Company can help. We understand that KS2 is a really important stage of a child’s development and therefore they require the correct input to help them prosper. Whether your son or daughter is in year 6 preparing for their KS2 Maths SATs exams or whether they are in year 4 still learning their times tables, our KS2 Maths tutors in Manchester can help. From introducing the basics of algebra to exploring the formulas associated with shapes and area, they will deliver the KS2 Maths curriculum to a very high level whilst helping to build your child’s confidence.

KS3 Maths Tutors in Manchester

KS3 Maths is crucial preparation for GCSE level. As there are no formal examinations at KS3 it is easy for students to go through 3 years of school without being stretched or without gaps in their knowledge being identified until they reach GCSE level. At Manchester Tutor Company we ensure that every one of our KS3 Maths students are stretched appropriately and are fully prepared for moving onto their GCSE studies. From learning how to rearrange difficult equations in algebra to getting to grips with the notation in topics such as probability and inequalities, the KS3 syllabus is challenging but it does get students ready for their GCSE years if it is delivered in an engaging way. Our KS3 Maths tutors in Manchester plan a course of study for each individual student to ensure that the one to one tuition we offer meets their needs and gets the best outcomes. Our aim is to help every student to reach their potential in Maths but also to give them the confidence to solve more complex equations and to improve their problem solving abilities which also helps in other subjects such as Science. If you are searching for a KS3 Maths tutor in Manchester then call Manchester Tutor Company.

GCSE and A Level Maths Revision Resources

Maths and Science Revision Resources

Whether you are searching for GCSE Maths resources or A Level Maths revision materials, Maths Made Easy has it all. We encourage all of our tutors and students to use their resources. From complex algebraic fraction questions in GCSE Maths to a comprehensive set of calculus revision materials for A Level Maths, they have every resource a Maths student needs to revise prepare for their exams. They also have KS1, KS2 and KS3 Maths resources for younger children.